The Teacher’s pack Tom and Keri A Plus & Expert

The Teacher’s pack Tom and Keri A Plus & Expert

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Teacher’s pack Tom and Keri Level A PLUS takes pupils aged 4, 5 or 6 on a journey to English, supported by qualified English teachers. The lesson plans include plays and take full advantage of the puppets that are an obligatory part of this exciting course.

Tom and Keri A continues the Expert preschool course for qualified English teachers who have more lessons per week with each class.

Complete the Baby Beetles PLUS and Expert material, Tom and Keri A and B PLUS levels, then extend learning with this advanced level set of storybooks and activities that expand language through the story-telling tradition matched to the animated films of the core course.

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  • PLUS Teacher’s lesson plans
  • Language presentation films
  • Songs and backing tracks
  • Teacher-parent communication system
  • Online extra activity sheets (to print)
  • Participation certificate (to print)
  • Course certificates for pupils (to print)

Off-screen iPreschool Teacher’s Set:

  • Set of picture flashcards
  • Classroom poster
  • Reward stickers

Extra resources in this pack:


  • E-book Guide for Teachers
  • PLUS extra online resources
  • PLUS plays


  • Character puppets



  • Online Expert Teacher’s Lesson Notes for each storybook unit x 13
  • Pack of extra flashcards
  • Additional Online Resource sheets for selected units
  • Online access to the audio storybook texts and recorded readings
  • Online Audio Picture Dictionary with images to match key words and phrases (for reference only)
  • Tips on working with children using the Expert Pupil's Pages – many are extra teaching tools too

Format: Audio storybooks; 10-12 pages per story; Audio picture dictionary

This pack does not include the electronic equipment shown.

On payment of the fee below, customers have access to the digital course online for 12 months from the date on which the code is activated. At the end of this period, the materials can be accessed offline by using the Bilingual Future mobile app (download the IOS or Android versions).