The Teacher’s pack Baby Beetles Starter PLUS

The Teacher’s pack Baby Beetles Starter PLUS

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The Teacher’s pack Baby Beetles Starter PLUS provides advanced lesson plans for fluent English speakers (all in English) and includes a set of puppets to make conversations a natural part of play! The on- and off-line resources, TV quality materials and home-preschool communications system make this course unique.
Each pupil on this course requires a Pupil’s Book and Home-learning pack.


  • PLUS Teacher’s lesson plans
  • E-book Guide for Teachers
  • Language presentation films
  • Songs and backing tracks
  • Teacher-parent communication system
  • Online extra activity sheets (to print)
  • Participation certificate (to print)
  • Course certificates for pupils (to print)

Off-screen iPreschool Teacher’s Set

  • Set of picture flashcards
  • Classroom poster
  • Reward stickers

Extra resources in this pack:

  • E-book Guide for Teachers
  • Extra PLUS online resources
  • PLUS plays


  • Character puppets

This pack does not include the electronic equipment shown.