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The Standard packs are easy to use for preschool teachers who are not qualified to teach English. The materials present new words and phrases through songs and films. The teacher organises daily games, craft and play activities in the context of the characters in the series, so helping children learn English naturally and effortlessly from the characters through play. Language is built step by step across the three levels of the Standard Course, so that teachers and pupils make steady progress.

The three levels of the PLUS course are ideal for qualified English teachers and create immersive learning opportunities through contextual play. The structured lesson plans in class and daily home pack learning through animated stories and songs combine to build bilingual confidence naturally.

The Expert Teacher’s Pack is for qualified English teachers who have more lessons per week with each class. Complete the Baby Beetles PLUS material first, then extend learning with this fabulous set of 40 storybooks and activities that expand languagebpassively and actively. The three levels together build pupils confidence in learning English easily and through fun.

These Teacher's Packs include some printed teacher's tools in addition to the online materials. If you cannot import items to your country, please email us on and we can suggest an alternative solution.
Baby Beetles Standard
Starter Level 
The Teacher’s pack
Baby Beetles PLUS
Starter Level 
The Teacher’s pack
Baby Beetles Expert
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The Teacher's pack